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Cloisterf*ck — Architecture x Journalism | ON SALE

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The House of Common Affairs (HOCA) is a new, smashing journal about the Fourth Estate Utopias. It provides an opportunity to challenge the niche and yet popular field that exists in the overlap between design and journalism. HOCA invites a more diverse range of voices into the conversation with the aim to promote an international and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, as well as knowledge. It seeks to offer a space for critical thinking with the aim of provoking further developments in this field.

Cloisterf*ck is the second issue of HOCA and is about the role of architecture in relation to journalism.

‘Aesthetic Truth Work: Mixing Architecture with Journalism’ by Stijn Postema
‘Q&A on Architecture + Current Affairs’ interview with Paola Antonelli
‘Smokescreen’ by SITU / Bora Erden & Matt Cortright
‘Tears Topography’ by Timothy Chan
‘Data: the New Black Gold’ by Ibiye Camp
‘Land of Hope’ by Studio Hartzema & FRESH Research / Aikaterina Myserli & Henk Hartzema
‘Charting a Lean Middle Ground’ interview with James Dixon (Glenn Howells Architects)
‘Sustainable Architecture Avant la Lettre’ interview with Luc Deleu (T.O.P. Office)
‘Architecture is Always Late’ interview with Fernanda Canales
‘Lasting Glow’ by Yining Gao
‘The City Library for Common Collections’ by Mayssa Kanaan
‘The Future is Non-Binary’ interview with Christoph a. Kumpusch (Forward-slash)
‘Queering Crossrail’ by Francesca Rausa
‘Schrődinger’s City’ by Alexander Findley
Forum 3: ‘Bogged Down in Cementics’ with Anne Boddington, Enok Gåsland, John Zhang, Lenka Hámošová, moderated by Paula Minelgaitė

Printed by Pressision Ltd, UK
Paperback, 103 x 195mm, 108 pp
ISSN 2632-4482 02
Edited by Paula Minelgaite
Published by House of Common Affairs, London, UK
Designed by Minelgaite studio